Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Half-Scale Build #35

Thirty-five steps in it's maybe worth stepping back to see if it's worth going forward and it does look as though it will be a flyer. In view of the setback relating to drilling  over-size holes in the airframe I shall fix the rotorhead in place with 6mm bolts. The important thing is that in terms or portability the machine will separate into box, rods and drone... in the past a problem with the layout has been the necessity for a trailer.

I've identified a suitable mannekin by way of a test-pilot, however, so I shall pause the proceedings because the vehicle has to be tailored to suit. This is one advantage of a modular approach, in so far as the height of the assembly can be adjusted to suit that of the operator. Which itself would be a first in 4th short history of eVTOL design.