Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Half-Scale Build #34

Interim weight check as we need to be under 55 pounds (25kg) all up. The box weighs 3.70kg and the rotorhead 3.50kg, with the risers an extra 0.90kg for a total of 8.10kg or 18 pounds at this stage of the game. They're by no means big figures for mega-sized drones or indeed 'personal air vehicle' scale models, in view of the fact the eventual full-scale target weight need come in at 250 pounds.

Nonetheless I'm disappointed. I'm mentioning no modules, but you know who you are.

Well okay, the box added more than I would have expected, but like every other part it could be significantly reduced by the use of carbon fibre or yet a narrower gauge tube. A more immediate issue is that that weight is pitched decidedly somewhat beyond the centre of gravity, which will have an indeterminate effect on manoeuvrability.

More a stumbling block at present will be how to attack the rotorhead with the giant drill-bit given today's little lesson. We could of course simply bolt the drone on top to see if it all flies, but that somewhat defeats the proof-of-concept.

And I've never let real-world practicality stand in the way of progress in the past...

Sleep on it, I say. Not Tesla where working for here, is it?