Tuesday, December 11, 2018

For the Record

I used seven-inch singles on the original wooden mock-up to provide an outline for the rotors for the benefit of the graphic artist. Bought from a charity shop they fulfil every need, feeding the starving in Africa whilst being altogether cheaper (and more easily obtained) than the real thing. As I have enlarged the scope of the rotors, for the next static model I require 12-inch vinyl and head to the British Heart Foundation for my quad-set. Pretty much appearing as from the rack, I select the D'Oyly Carte, the cellist Lloyd Webber and a Vivaldi. I reject a Rimsky Korsakov in favour of 16 Great Hits from '72 lest my quad-copter forget its roots.

Pen and Ink-Jet

Learning as I am by doing, at the outset the received wisdom suggests that altogether larger rotors will be required. Here are some that I prepared earlier, and set out on my desk. They'll be four-feet radius set on four-foot spars that provide clearance for a two-foot 'drone-booth'.

Beam me up, Scotty!

It'll do for starters... a quarter-scale model constructed in wood and furnished with a 16" mannequin rendered as a line-drawing by my long-time (and long-suffering) graphic artist.