Thursday, June 11, 2020

Coming a (Share) Cropper?

Tuesday I received a WhatsApp message from Martin Andrews indicating he didn't intend working further on the project without a share in the company. Of course he could have said the same thing prior to my setting off, and so accordingly I emailed to say that this one was a discussion for when we get something flying again because otherwise the whiff of blackmail would hang over the proceedings. So we shall await his decision on whether he is with us or agin, and take it from there. Wouldn't be the first time we're back to square one.

The replacement propellers did at least arrive that same day, so at least he has all he needs to re-assemble the flying machine should he feel that way inclined:

Friday, June 5, 2020


Turns out the tow-bar people fetched the parts for the wrong car ~ again ~ so I'd no choice but to hire a van. And here it is at a service station on the M5, enroute to Somerset where it will be wired up with all eight propellers and, all being well, flown. One of the few benefits of the Covid-19 pandemic is that the roads remain quieter than usual and I cover the 420 miles in around seven hours, including a break in either direction. In my books that's an average of sixty m.p.h. and a tribute to this old Ford.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Martyr to the Cause

Turned out my work here wasn't quite done, not least because I do need a reliable means of transporting the latest 2/3rd scale prototype, which is destined to be a 'keeper'. What I mean by this is that, unlike previous iterations, it will be tasked in perpetuity with airshows and exhibitions until such time as it is laid to rest in some or other museum.

It will also be the basis of a crowd-funding campaign, which represents the current phase of development along with pursuit of the appropriate forms of regulation in the UK.

Am pleased with how the tailor-made trailer is progressing, although it does look like the one that did for Spartacus.