Friday, October 8, 2021

Otto's Life-Cycle

Recently (and it's happening so fast) I realised my son will one day soon be watching cars with internal-combustion engines drive by at some village fete the way I would go out of my way to witness the sight, sound and smell of a steam-engine.

Next door but one to me earlier in life was someone who was the last to graduate in the UK as a steam engineer and of the few videos I've ever posted, few have had the hits garnered by a video of a two-stroke diesel engine ticking over in a narrow-boat at the National Waterways Museum.

But it's an audible accompaniment almost totally absent from electrical motors, and a form of music that has accompanied the industrial revolution from its outset. To the extent I'm drawn like million others to YouTube compilations of internal combustion engines coughing into life, like the forty-six litre monster above.