Monday, October 4, 2021

Good News, Bad News...

If you want a snap-shot of where in the world the modern world is being created, you could do no better than this. A statistician might point out that with the exception of the UK, it is also a pointer to where population growth is most vigorous. I like to think however that ~ again with the exception of the UK ~ it is where the demographic is so much younger.

And younger people piss all over the older generation (as Paul Arden, Creative Director at the world's leading ad-agency once put it) precisely because they are prepared to take risks that older generations fear to... and the greatest risk to life of course being taking no risks at all.

So on the one hand I receive news from our friend in the drone industry to the effect that he does not want to assist in our human-drone efforts as the scent of a fatality would attract lawyers in the US like a flock of vultures. And on the other it occurs to me that the professor I mailed at a UK university for an evaluation of one idea I'd had: never got back to me. I mean, throw me a lifeline, and just tell me it's shit?

But this is a map of where people have downloaded either one of the two papers that I uploaded to a technical disclosure site on an open science basis. As yet I don't know which one, but rather than the one outlining the airframe used by the TELEDRONE it is much more likely to have been the one describing how the range of drones could be extended by a free-wing device that re-configures itself for forward flight by nothing else beside the free-stream airflow that accompanies such motion.

Actually I checked and seems I was right: search 'Self-Tilting Wing for VTOL and CTOL'. Of course you could argue that a headline like that would attract downloads anyway, like a paper entitled "Method and Means of Brewing Free Beer".

But one destination for the download was NASA, and another a not-for-profit facility outside of Sao Paulo offering grants to high-school graduates. And if I we're a betting man (and I clearly am) I would bank on that sort of place as being fertile ground. For as Elon Musk said, if life were only about solving daily problems then there would be no point in living at all.

If you want to co-develop or rather co-investigate my swinging-wing, incidentally, then drop me a line at and I promise ~ being British ~ not to respond.

For people outside the UK, note that this is called 'British Humour'. Simply drop me an email headed 'Yes yes yes, I would like your free-wing invention to change my life.'