Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Satanic I/P Rites

The design's gone mainstream, as can be seen from Alta's survey drone. But what? 

Well until fairly recently there were only two outlines for the arms of a quadcopter, and they were the 'X' and 'H' configurations.

Until I came along, and suggested that four cantilevers abutted each other and fixed between plates was altogether easier once drones got that much bigger.

Except that I was late to the party, and whilst the outline appears in my own patent specification ~ and possibly preceded the many Lego builders who arrived at the same conclusion ~ the prize appears to go to a German technical university. They patented the same means of construction as far back as 2014.

Except that the 'Son of Sam' documentary series on Netflix points elsewhere. Both the notorious New York serial killer himself and (possibly) Charles Manson were influenced by the Process cult concocted by a pair of Carnaby Street loons in '60s London.

In my defence, and looking at their material below (where else?), note that I invariably draw this four-pronged set of rotor-arms with a left bias, and therefore a mirror image of that on the cover of the magazine. 

Accordingly as CEO of TELEDRONE and in the spirit of the times, I have approved the following press release:

"At no time in past or present has our aerial platform project been involved in serial killing, seduction, satan worship, sacrifice or ~ chance would be a fine thing ~ casual sexual encounters. We strongly condemn the co-opting by cults of quadcopter layouts, except as a means of blood-letting among consenting test-pilots. And although our CEO has visited San Fransisco, at no time did he wear flowers in his hair. Indeed, he hasn't got any. Hair that is, not flowers."