Friday, January 15, 2021

Scoot... Er?

The Metropolitan Police in London have called for e-scooters to be eliminated, and fined over three hundred users or confiscated their vehicles. The work I do is designed to motivate air vehicles or vessels by the most efficient means possible, so it's worth commenting upon.

Currently (excusing the pun), electric cars produce more carbon in their manufacture than they save during their lifetime, and only the better-off can afford their taxpayer-subsidised purchase (and in many cases, charge points).

Should you buy either a two-ton Range Rover or one such electrical vehicle of sizeable tonnage, the Met Police would wholly approve, killing as they do around five people a day on the UK's roads whilst maximising the ecological damage to the planet.

Number killed to date in the UK from use of an e-scooter?


There is no more efficient way of moving around the urban environment than possibly walking, and when so-called advanced economies promote the use of every possible motorised alternative (including buses and trains emptier than ever during our regular pandemics), you know that the world is f*cked.

Am reading The Intelligence Trap, which describes how decidedly intelligent people so often make dumb-ass decisions. By extension, so can seeming advanced civilisations.