Thursday, January 14, 2021

Common Carriage?

Strikes me there's nothing to choose from anyhow between standing and seated forms of carriage, as both can be slotted between a pair of quadcopters with little or no modification required to the outline of the airframe. The one on the left will suit me made up of 1.75 metre stanchions, whilst the seat will fit with four at 1.25 metres instead. I come most recently from flying Airbus too, who built two different airliners on the same wing and fuselage in the shape of the twin A330 and four-engined A340.

Increasingly in the face of a pandemic of ever-increasing intensity the temptation is to design the one vehicle that I would want myself, and that would probably be the first of the two. Principally this is because with the drones arranged parallel to the airflow as opposed to transversely, then: the skids are easier to fit; conventional helicopter controls are the more easily accommodated; there's a natural home for the battery-pack in the undersea area; and if the lower quad as well as the upper is to feature a flight-controller then this can be located here too.

More later, but much later in the current circumstances, out.