Monday, May 2, 2022

60" Build Step #27

A few mods as we go along here, principal among them the replacement of the skids ~ which are inessential in a vehicle of this kind ~ with removable feet that I like to call lunar landers. At the same time I have taken the opportunity to extend the legs to one foot in height, and at the same time I have flipped the platform to mount its grilles up top.

The seat has been replaced with one that can incorporate a lap-strap, in the form of a stackable chair whose legs are removed and which is snapped into place with conduit brackets.  A number of the alloy lengths from the previous post have been shortened so that the podium supporting the seat is 12" high instead of 18", this being because it looked rather better but also because it pitches my feet at the airframe perimeter; in the fulness of time I'd like rudder pedals mounted here.