Sunday, March 6, 2022

60" Build Step #24

Slight re-jig on the battery placement to accord with the likely wiring layout. Packs will be joined in series with the built-in connectors, and in turn the remaining positive and negative will supply the ESC (electronic speed controller), which in turn connects the motors in the same way.

The ESCs have each to be connected however to the centrally-located flight controller, and this will be via the four arms extending from that section. The end of each arm thus forms a T-junction where 50v wiring from the battery and the 5v from the avionics bay are joined together.

The planned location for the battery-packs have therefore been moved to that corner nearest the associated arm. Accordingly looking at the diagram the pack at top left is designated #1, and then through #4 going clockwise. The associated motor to the right of the first pack is also designated #1 and turns clockwise direction, as is conventional with a quadcopter; the remaining sequence runs anti-clockwise (#2), clockwise (#3) and anti-clockwise (#4).

Avionics continue to occupy the underside of the centre-section, allowing for the fact that a passenger stood upright might be as accommodated as well as a seated might.