Monday, November 22, 2021

Choice Platter

With work set to commence this week a decision has to be made as to whether, with only four propellers instead of eight as is planned at the outset, the motors should be underslung or mounted upright. I've always preferred the latter for good practical and operational reasons and instruct (plead, beg, petition) our contractor accordingly.

In order for this to work ergonomically too, that platform on which the dummy is sat is going to have to be extended to all four corners of his world. This is going to need to be done with some form of perforated sheet or grille, which is where the outside dimensions (of broadly four feet by four) prefer advantages, as most material like this comes in sheets of four feet by eight.

In the absence of stock material too there is also the option to go down the laser-cut route, which would also provide for all sorts of intriguing options like branding. In all events though the separation of the payload in this way means that the drone itself can be built and tested wholly independently, which is a rarity in this game.

Bring it on!