Wednesday, September 1, 2021

This Time Next Year, Rod...

Before my wings were clipped by the 2.60 metre dimension set by the GoFly challenge rules, there was no hell below us and above us only drones. And we'll be revisiting this one in the new-build. Having established the layout of the lower end, we've now to build upward as we reach for the sky.

This little chap, Rod, is a metre tall and one thing I discovered just over two years ago when this was taken was that with columns passed through a flight-control 'console', the box containing the operator can be reduced in height to around the 16" mark too.

Those are 5mm threaded rods as I recall, and over twenty kilos up top... not a weight they would have supported without a brace of this sort. The device slides, too, but so what? Well since then I've looked at quite how to squeeze myself in from every angle, and lower limbs being smaller in outline than my waist, we can reduce the footprint of the centre-section of the base to suit.

The box at foot-level will therefore fulfil three principal functions: it will protect the shins from blade-strike, root the superstructure and remind people that one day, a phone-box might yet fly.