Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Re: Purposed

Benefit of working with metal instead of exotic materials like carbon fibre is the fact they can be used many times over, which is ideal for prototyping. This might look like something from months past, but there's a significant difference that stems from the practical experience of flight testing. The outline mocked up here will benefit from its modularity, in so far as the lower quad is separate from the accommodation, which in turn can be separated from the upper quad.

This allows the uppermost drone tasked with the steering to be tested independent from the lowermost, which will be tasked with lift alone. This means that the various regimes for testing laid down by the aviation authority are more easily navigated, while at the same time we can progress toward an operational reliability of the independent units. There's a whole lot more to designing an eVTOL capable of lifting you or I than you would imagine...