Wednesday, March 3, 2021

First Person View... point

Revealed yesterday, DJI's clue as to where it is headed... your head, specifically.

It'll take likely longer than you'd like to think, but there is no reason why this could not be developed over the internet, such that you might fly from your armchair around any place in the world that you might choose.

For anyone developing eVTOLs the question then has to be, why bother? Are we those dinosaurs trying to put people in the sky when we might merely go there virtually, the way we watch wildlife on TV instead of being there to see it ourselves?

Granted it was the likes of Warhol who said there was no substitute for 'being there' in person, but DJI's current offering is at least fifty times cheaper than say Jetson's personal air vehicle.

Accordingly, besides those few of us wedded to bodily flight ~ or refusing electrical cars  ~ it looks like the future of recreational aviation lies with the likes of DJI.

Which means that eVTOLs more than ever will need to be focussed on the corporeal task of moving you or I between one location and another. Which is why no doubt the best-funded efforts take the form of flying taxis for two or above.

There will however always be a market for solo air vehicles so long as BOTH the price and practicality are right.

And if other developers disagree, then there's more room for us in the sandpit.