Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Transfer Window

It's traditionally during a period in January (actually as of midnight yesterday) that soccer teams in Europe have to finalise transfers of players between one team and another ~ so that for instance the loss to injury of Virgil Van Dijk at Liverpool FC has prompted the purchase replacements from Istanbul and Preston respectively ~ and it behoves me as project manager to do the same.

In fact I had no choice in some respects, for the consultancy who wired the prototype that half-flew at Llanbedr's test-facility have declined to participate further. Don't read too much into that, however, because (a) it's a question on the one hand of their own imperatives as the market for their cargo and survey drones grows apace and (b) the split is over 'artistic differences' so much as anything else.

Viz. I believe that the task of building people-carrying drones is aided and abetted by splitting the problem in two, and tasking the uppermost drone alone with steering the vehicle whilst the lowermost merely provides much of the lifting power (which is the more easily engineered altogether). It's a walk-before-you-run philosophy.

That said, each iteration is much like an exorcism in that it leaves participants drained that little bit more, and less able to face the other species of shit that life has to throw at us whilst we're building drones (as John Lennon might have said). And they have spent a lot of time in the recent and distant past on prior archetypes, so that frankly I don't blame them.

In this game you've to play Devil's advocate, and I would be saying to me if I were any other, "Stop picking around, pick one particular outline and get on with proving that you're not on a fast-track journey to nowhere!".

Bit harsh... but true, and accordingly I shall revamp the website to suit and get on with the '21 build prior to announcing my new team line-up.

And already I like that phrase right there: GET ON WITH THE '21.

It's the new motto.