Sunday, November 24, 2019


What I should have done yesterday, I suppose, I've done today. Often however unintended breaks prove beneficial, providing space for new ideas to surface unawares and it is during one such that I finalise my 'best shot' as regards what should be fixed to the top of the flying phone-booth.

And this is it, pitched on the floor in order to check the clearance between motors, propellers and wiring. This stands at an inch and a quarter between opposing blades, which is more than sufficient by my reckoning.

I once shared an airfield with the UK agent for Enstrom helicopters, whose heart-stopping aerobatics in same I also witnessed. He said that to see how far they could ~ literally ~ push the main-rotor in flight without it striking the tail-rotor, they would strap a balsa strip to the tail to see how much it would chop off... it being altogether less critical to flight performance.

Question now is do we try to get this motor-head flying independently before such time as fitting it with the passenger compartment and full-size battery-packs? At least one of the GoFly 'webinistas' advised against flight-testing modules independently, if only to avoid the potential waste of time.