Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Said it before but a great deal of the time and effort involved in pursuing projects is the sheer legwork involved.

We're on the final build of the prototype octocopter, which restores the notion of a flying phone-booth (albeit on a smaller scale to support a seated rather than a standing passenger) and to that end there are two more quadcopter frames to build beside the chassis.

For any number of reasons to I've reverted to a 50-cm square footprint, and am out of foam for the core for each of the drones, so that a trip to the DIY store for a sheet of insulation is required.

I've recently found that altogether preferable to straps is using tape to affix various loads to the roof-rack of the Jimny, although it does require limiting the speed to below 30 m.p.h. on the motorway.

This being the North of England I am treated with indulgence by my fellow motorists, whereas I'd probably have been lynched on the London orbital.