Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Spread My Wings...

... and fly away?

Been a depression blowing through after discovering Friday that the GoFly Challenge is now to be a first across the (on)line affair, for which we're ill-suited in the UK during the lockdown beside the ponderous avenues afforded test-flying by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Nonetheless design of the 'DRONE has been an evolutionary process from the outset, forged by repeated fabrications on my part combined with insights, the best of which seem to occur at three in the morning.

Like this one, for example, which I add to the IP portfolio, as of.

Advantage of which is that two separate yet compact quadcopters might be combined ~ the green at foot-level and the red at waist-height as per the current prototype ~ to create more lift altogether. At the same time, with cantilevers extended to two metres the propellers are pitched at a safer distance altogether from my own tender frame.

It's been a must in terms of sheer lift since I adopted lighter and cheaper motors, while providing for a more substantial leverage to facilitate flight-control.

All lies beyond GoFly's allowable dimensions, but notwithstanding my own love of compactness the team is united in the belief that we need the extra to assure the safety of piloted operations.

Still leaves the current prototype available to the challenge, beside the promotional video that we were endeavouring to address just prior the current confinement due the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nonetheless the working parts will likely be stripped out for re-use in a (fifth) marque as per the outline seen above, pending a decision on re-financing through crowd-funding if not my own billions... of mites.

So while things remain up in the air, there's every chance of staying there.