Friday, November 13, 2020

Gone Fly?


This arrived Thursday but I didn’t get around to reviewing prior today.

In brief, what GoFly are saying is “First to send us a video of yourselves flying around for 20 minutes in a vehicle that fits in a 2.60 metre bubble ~ and if we observe same on a given date ~ then the $million’s yours.’

This leaves us looking like Macmillan on the day Hitler told him they’d built a Luftwaffe and he was on the end of it…

And having read eVTOL news this week ~ site currently crashed coincidentally or not ~  Dragonair seem good to go.

Reasons being:

(a) they’ve Part 103 approval from the FAA and are free to fly any time

(b) we’ve no equivalent and a CAA deemed unsuited to purpose by the AAIB

(c) …who allow NO radio-control tests beside a snail-paced Experimental category

(d) the weather in Florida is ideal for flying, and shit as ever in the north of England

(e) they’ve a do-able drive to wherever GoFly decide the observation will take place

(f) we’ve the Atlantic to cross

(g) they’ve the required batteries

(h) we don’t and the extra weight would require a motor upgrade to those they use.

None of which is to begrudge their efforts, as I’ve always considered Dragonair a front-runner since seeing the footage, the team and the prototype in action.

Whether it’s a vehicle for everyone however is a moot point ~ Mariah being the only one to take to it like a duck to water, having taught people to fly water-jet packs.

Am also aware that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!

My immediate question would be (and I’ve copied in GoFly) whether the observation would take place in the US, which would likely be the final nail in our coffin.

Having said all that, it’s been a blast, the build experience has steered us toward saleable product, and of course the organiser (herself) retains an interest in the company.

Great shame not to be able to meet up with them all again though, so as ever it's about appreciating whatever each day brings… and with sincere thanks for your support.

Colin S. Hilton

Teledrone Ltd.

In response to new GoFly rules that are like standing at a trackside, firing a gun and declaring the race on no matter how far they've all got... I've placed my bets already on Team Dragonair!