Monday, October 5, 2020

Any Which Way

I file this gorgeous render by Richard Bache ( as a registered design, which I do from time to time if only as the basis for the inevitable TED talks once I'm lauded to the tree-tops by the world of rotor-craft.

For a long time ~ principally before I realised my cousin was a dab-hand at SketchUp ~ the way we did this, and the way it's done it here is that a photo of a scale wooden model is photographed and used as a basis for drafting.

This has had the very obvious benefit of me having to produce the scale model, which is wholly instructive in itself by providing a 'look-and-feel' before scaling up to full size.

What this one tells us however is that these 'flying wheelie-bins' that I am currently in process of prototyping in flying form don't much care in which direction they're headed.

This will be of more consequence when it comes to extended boxes that you can sit in, but for now and for a variety of reasons the way it is oriented here...

... will do just nicely.