Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Phone-booth's taking shape at last. I have ordered too few connectors for each of the corners but can crack on with fitting the base meantimes.

The airframe is constructed from a pair of five-metre lengths of inch-by-inch-by-sixteenth alloy divided into four 1375mm stanchions, eight 450mm cross-bars and two 450mm seat-supports that serve at the same time to brace the sides.

I recycle old alloy plate for the base because (a) I don't like waste and (b) it saves me a trip to the stockholder.

Prototypes are meant to be rough and ready in my book. Just seen the Ford v. Ferrari movie for inspiration, with Carroll Shelby given just ninety days to put the GT40 together.

The '40' referred to the maximum height allowable in inches, which is unusual with France having long organised European motor-racing and them normally working in metric.

There has always been a form of tug-of-war between France and Great Britain when it comes to laying down the regulations for these things, however.