Monday, October 21, 2019


You don't chance upon stuff lest you venture forth in the first place.

Am putting together the test-bed to be used for trials of the battery-packs we've stripped from a Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid.

This will take the form of a compressed booth that nonetheless features the same foot-print and parts of the vehicle that will be piloted, except that it will need eventually to be stretched vertically to best accommodate that pilot.

Never did like the fact that the upper 'deck' had a hole cut into it in order to provide that accommodation at waist-height, so that this part got thrown away. Accordingly both the bottom and top ends of the airframe are now cut from a single piece, as per the above pic.

In casually stacking them against the sofa however I see that not only can the one be joined to the other at each of its corners (Pythagoras would be delighted), but that fixed this way the upper set of rotors coincides with the lower almost exactly.

All this on a day when ~ rushing to fix the outline secure in my mind at least ~ I speak to the ex-FAA personnel tasked with reviewing team efforts for certification in the Part 103 sports utility aircraft category.

I speak in fact to the author of said certification and we are gratified to see that the design is likely to tick the required boxes, at least so far as the necessary observation flight. 

The FAA will not so much be concerned about my wellbeing as that of others, so perhaps those divorces were not a wasted experience after all...