Friday, August 23, 2019


For reasons too tiresome to enunciate I've had to modify the engine-mounts to my liking and this has involved reducing the rotor-arms by four inches along with the associated clearance, although the tips still stop short of the flight-deck (which has yet to be armoured).

It reduces the airframe span to four foot eight and a half inches, which spookily matches the railway gauge on which the original passenger rail network was based (starting right here between Liverpool and Manchester).

Happily the potato-and-paint template method for centring the drill-holes has worked a treat, or at least on this first motor to have been mounted. I shall hold it there however on this fine evening which marks the start of the August holiday weekend in the UK. Experience has taught me to tackle precision jobs with a fresh head.

I have chosen too to modify the geometry with which each set of rotors is to be mounted viz. those on the lower quad will remain upright as seen here, while those on the upper rig will be inverted.

This creates a mirror image that minimises the depth of the airframe whilst maximising the vertical spread between propellers, obviating any chance of their blades colliding no matter under what duress.